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Pineapple Gold 2020

CBDa -14.4% | Delta 9 THC – .04%
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Flower: CBDa – 14.4%
Total THC – .04%


Pineapple Gold is an indica dominant hemp strain that is highest in the cannabinoid CBDa. It has lighter, bright green flowers with heavy scents of sweet citrus, lemon and deep pine notes. It is a great evening strain and perfect for helping with relaxation.

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flowers are slow dried and cured here on our farm. It is third party lab tested. We don’t ever use pesticides or herbicides on our farm.

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Pineapple Gold 2020

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1 review for Pineapple Gold 2020
CBDa -14.4% | Delta 9 THC – .04%

  1. Brandon Brown

    This flower is really good I’m shocked it doesn’t have more attention or reviews because in person it looks 10x better than the pictures the cure is amazing super moist and fresh I’d say medium density kinda pale yellowish green buds very earthy and sweet smell with a lil bit of a floral smell when u pop the bud open it’s covered with tricombs which are very much alive so u can tell by the way the glisten that they been tooken care of really great stuff the smoke was very smooth and the effects were more uppity for me definitely more of a daytime strain or sativa effects is what I got from it. So if ur thinking about it let me do u a favor and just buy it’s totally worth it u won’t be disappointed I’ve had plenty of hemp and everything I’ve gotten from here is top notch even better than some of the indoor strains I’ve paid high prices for..

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