Welcome to Oregon CBD Hemp. We are a small-family run farm, and everyone gets in to help. We have no investors or foreign money involved in our business; just the heart, determination and sweat that goes into wanting to make a difference with our home-grown, high-CBD, hemp! It also helps that we have a really big ‘green-thumb’ and many years combined with farming and ranching.

We originally learned about hemp and CBD products in late 2016. Our family dog got diagnosed with seizures from a brain tumor. We were told to expect the worst case scenario, with chemotherapy and radiation, only a maximum 3 month life expectancy. We were sent home with lots of pain medications, anti-seizure medications, a lot of questions and a choice to make.

So, we set out to do our own research and discovered, CBD & hemp products. We researched until we couldn’t research any longer. And we found out that this was going to be the best course of action to help fight the cancer, seizures and pain for our dog. We found an amazing local company who specializes in high-quality CBD oils and tincutures, and even has a pet line of products as well. We started with a very agressive regimen and could tell a difference almost immediately. He was seizure-free, running around, eating, and his happy self again. We were also able to keep him alive, with no other medications or interventions, for over 6 months.

And within the past couple of years, we have come to learn even more about the truly remarkable qualities that hemp and CBD have to offer. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful, growing industry that is truly changing lives for the better-EVERY SINGLE DAY at Oregon CBD Hemp!