• 2020 Sour Lifter

    CBDa – 19.4% | Delta 9 THC – < LOQ
    2.69% Total Terpenes
  • 2020 Super Sour Space Candy

    CBDa -18.4% | Delta 9 THC – < LOQ
    2.87% Total Terpenes
  • Pineapple Gold 2020

    CBDa -14.4% | Delta 9 THC – .04%

Hand Trimmed Flower:

Our hand trimmed flower is the best of the best! It is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been hand cut from the stems. It is then trimmed by hands by one of our skilled in-house trimmers. This flower is ready to put on the shelves to sell or smoke it as soon as you get it!

Extraction Flower:

Our premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been stripped by hand off the stems. When we strip the flowers instead of cutting them off, they tend to not stay fully intact and contain more leaf than any other product. This product is great for edibles, tinctures, salves, and extractions of any kind.


Our trim/shake is a combination of sugar leaf, tiny bits of trimmed premium, high CBD/CBG flower and trichomes that is mixed all together. It has many purposes, but our favorite is for making teas and tinctures!

Smalls (popcorn flower):

Our smalls, or popcorn flower, is premium, high CBD/CBG flower that is just a bit smaller in size. Most buds are about the size of popped popcorn. They are lightly machine trimmed so still have a bit of leaf on them. This product is great for any reason.

Tinys (machine trimmed):

Our tiny flower is our premium, high CBD/CBG flower that has been run through the tumble trimmer. These tiny little leftovers are amazing for almost any application-packing prerolls with them is our favorite!