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May 2021

Oregon CBD Terpenes

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While researching which CBD products to use, you’ll likely come across the mention of terpenes. The effectiveness of the product you choose doesn’t just depend on the strength of the CBD, it also depends on whether or not the product has terpenes.

In order to make an educated decision about CBD products, you will want to understand terpenes and the role that they play.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds that determine the smell of many plants and herbs. Thanks to this fundamental function, they are highly aromatic and recognizable by their aroma. Think of rosemary or lavender. The smell of these iconic plants are created by the specific terpenes they have.

When terpenes are isolated, they create the flavors and scents of many products we use in our everyday lives, like perfumes, food products, and body products. These pungent chemicals work to attract pollinators in some plants, ward off predators for other plants, and even play a role in the physical health of plants.

When a plant becomes damaged, terpenes can help them recover from the damage. Incredibly, they also play a role in the plant’s immune system, working to fight off infectious germs.

When talking about cannabis products, it’s important to know that terpenes and terpenoids aren’t the same thing. Terpenes are a natural compound that comes from a live plant that can be isolated and added to products. However, when a plant is dried and cured, such as with cannabis, the terpenes oxidize and turn into terpenoids, which still have many health benefits.

Some terpenes you’ll likely recognize by smell are:

Name Smell Benefits
Limonene Citrus ●      Anti-oxidant
●      Anti-inflammatory
●      Antiviral
●      Antidiabetic
●      Anticancer
Pinene Fresh, bright

(like pine, rosemary)

●      Bronchodilator
●      Anti-inflammatory
●      Fight infectious germs when inhaled
Linalool Lavender ●      Anti-inflammatory
●      Antimicrobial
●      Neuroprotective
●      Antidepressant
●      Anticancer
●      Antianxiety
Myrcene Found in hops, lemongrass, and thyme ●      Antioxidant
●      Protects heart tissue
●      Anti-inflammatory
●      Prevents breakdowns of cells
Beta-caryophyllene Found in many herbs and veggies, like cloves and black pepper ●      Anti-inflammatory
●      Reduces pain from inflammation and nerve pain
●      Analgesic
Humulene Found in hops, clover, and ginger ●      Prevents allergic reaction
●      Helps with asthma
●      Reduces allergic inflammation
●      Protective to some cells
●      Could guard against cancer

Terpenes vs. Cannabinoids

When it comes to cannabis products, two of the most common terms we use are cannabinoids and terpenes. If both provide therapeutic benefits, what’s the difference and which is most important? To answer that, we need to compare the two types of compounds.

As we look at terpenes and cannabinoids, the similarities are striking. Both are compounds found in cannabis and both provide benefits through the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids work directly with the endocannabinoid system, while terpenes are absorbed and used in a different way.

Benefits of Terpenes

There are a couple of ways that terpenes are proving to benefit our health. Consider lavender and lemongrass. The scents of these plants benefit us through aromatherapy. Terpenes work the same way. Inhaling the fragrant terpene chemicals is thought to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Examples of beneficial terpenes include linalool from lavender, limonene from citrus, and pinene from sage and conifer trees. The linalool can have a calming sedative effect. The limonene can elevate our mood, and the pinene can improve our alertness and memory retention.

A study of the effects of terpenes on the body was done by observing the Japanese practice of forest bathing and its possible benefits. It was found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and neuroprotective benefits, showing that terpenes can have an impact on our physical well being, as well as our emotional well being.

Finally, the big benefit is that it enhances the cannabinoids in a CBD product. The key is the entourage effect, which suggests that the terpenes present in certain cannabis strains can enhance the effect of the cannabinoids, leading to better therapeutic effects. So, while the cannabinoids are likely what you’re feeling when you feel the benefits of a cannabis product, the terpenes could be making the effect more impactful. In fact, the higher percentages of terpenes on your flower, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Buying Your CBD with Terpenes

For a quality CBD product that includes all the benefits of terpenes, visit OregonCBDHemp. With all products grown on the small family farm, including flowers with very high percentages of terpenes, you are guaranteed a quality product every time!

Oregon CBD Wax

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When you hear the term “dabbing” you likely first associate it with the popular gesture from 2015. Since then, dabbing has adopted a different meaning and has taken the CBD market by storm. It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed when you’re shopping for a CBD product with all the endless options available to you. Whether you are a veteran dabber, or a first-time user, at Oregon CBD Hemp we are here to help you get more familiar with this latest way to consume your CBD.

So, what is dabbing? 

Simply put, dabbing is a method of using CBD that is 100% concentrated. What makes this method so popular, is that because it has a high potency, once you inhale the CBD wax, it is fast-acting and quickly effective. Unlike edibles that take longer for you to feel the effects, our wax is best for quick-acting, short-term effects.

The act of dabbing is most similar to using a CBD vape pen. There are several tools you can use to dab including a bong or a vaporizer that is suitable for concentrates, but the most popular, and best tool for beginners is the dab rig. Once you purchase our CBD dab wax, all you need to do is scoop it out of the tub and heat the wax to the point that it vaporizes. A little goes a long way, so our package will last you a while!

What is CBD dab wax? 

To begin dabbing, you’ll need our CBD dab wax which is high in CBD and low in THC. Our wax is made from extracting a high CBD/CBG flower, using butane extraction methods. By doing this, we are turning our flowers into a honey-like, highly concentrated CBD/CBG wax. This extraction process allows for our wax to consist exclusively of the cannabidiol molecule, which causes the high potency that other CBD products lack. Whatever dabbing method you choose, our wax can be used to provide you with that fast-acting CBD/CBG effect that you can’t experience any other way.

Why should you choose our CBD dab wax? 

At Oregon Hemp CBD we value our customers. All our waxes are produced from only the flower grown on our small family farm and have all been third-party tested. Our CBD dab wax is super concentrated and comes in many different strains for you to choose from and try! Each strain of wax matches a strain of our flower!

If you’re still not sure about dabbing, research it more for yourself, or just give it a try to see what the hype is about. With our CBD dab wax, you’ll see firsthand why our customers keep coming back for more and you can purchase it for yourself here:

At Oregon CBD Hemp we’re here to help you get started so please reach out with any questions, especially since this is a new CBD trend. As with any new CBD product, experiment with what makes sense for you and what can help you achieve your desired outcome. If you’re a new user, always start with a low dosage and work your way up.



Why and How to Use a CBD Pain Relieving Salve

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You’ve likely heard about CBD’s many benefits for a range of health concerns, from sleep and mood to digestion and metabolism. One of its key benefits is relief for pain and inflammation. For topical treatment, the best option is a CBD salve: mixture of cannabidiol, wax, and select herbals to provide long-lasting topical pain relief. For example, at Oregon CBD Hemp, we offer a unique CBD salve composed of full spectrum hemp oil, eucalyptus, calendula and other healing ingredients all grown outdoors on our family farm.

With fully organic, au naturale growing methods and hemp of superior genetics, our farmers at Oregon CBD Hemp produce high-quality cannabidiol. This makes our salve a truly artisan product packed with healing power!

Here’s why you should use a CBD salve for topical cannabidiol treatment, and how to best use our salve to treat joint pain, muscle stiffness, and more.

How Does CBD Relieve Pain?

Cannabidiol is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It works by balancing out the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which handles everything from cell turnover and tissue repair to cognition and metabolism. CBD helps keep the ECS’ receptors open, allowing your body’s natural healing to continue.

Whether due to injury, aging, stress, or disease, those processes can slow down or even stop. For example, older people’s connective tissue doesn’t repair itself as quickly. That’s why the constant wear and tear on joints can eventually lead to arthritis. CBD reduces arthritic inflammation and may even promote tissue repair.

While CBD is available in several consumable forms, it’s often better to go directly to the problem. A topical CBD solution reduces inflammation and promotes healing — without having to be digested and carried throughout the body.

Why Use CBD Salve?

Standard CBD tinctures or pure oils can be drying for the skin — or simply too thin to take effect. The skin is full of ECS receptors, so unlike many other topical remedies, a CBD salve can be effectively absorbed through the skin. Research shows that salves are excellent for localized treatment, especially on inflamed joints, bruised skin, or areas suffering from eczema or psoriasis. Many salves are also made with rejuvenating herbs and essential oils that provide aromatherapeutic and other benefits. While CBD gummies or tinctures are easily consumed for digestive or metabolic health, there’s nothing quite like soothing sore muscles or bruised skin with an herb-infused CBD salve. They are much more fragrant and moisturizing, and you don’t have to wait for your CBD edible to reach your pain points.

Making the Most of Your CBD Salve

CBD gummies and tinctures are intended for regular consumption and therefore have lower levels of cannabidiol. Salves are typically highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way! Remember, there are other active ingredients as well. Start with a small amount and assess the results before you slather on the salve.

Always massage in the salve to help your skin absorb it better. This also stimulates blood flow to the area, which promotes healing. Note that some salves are made with essential oils, herbs, or spices that can be quite potent. Avoid using your CBD salve on broken skin. It’s best for relieving joint pain, muscle cramps, and bruising. You can also apply it as part of a localized massage to promote myofascial release.

Wrapping Up

For internal issues or chronic pain, CBD consumables or pure oil are a good choice. But to provide focused relief to sore muscles, joints, or skin, try a protective, herb-infused CBD salve such as ours from Oregon CBD Hemp. It’s ideal for athletes recovering from practice, people who work on their feet all day, patients with arthritis or eczema, and anyone else who would like to nourish their skin and joints with the power of CBD.

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